COVID-19: Update on website orders & physical store

24th August 2021

Our website is open for online orders, however we are unable to send out orders until we reach level 3.  At this point we are unsure when New Zealand will be in level 3 to send orders out.  

When we do reach level 3 staff will have the correct PPE, be social distancing and ensure all precautions are taken for safety of staff and customers. 

We are selling face masks, these are an essential item and can be delivered during alert level 4. I will be sending these out myself while using PPE and taking precautions to keep myself and customers safe. Shop here

Our physical store remains closed until alert level 2.

Keep up to date with alert level changes here:

Any concerns or issues please email our team:


Kind regards,

Rebecca Kerr (owner) & team.

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