We all have a story. And we love to hear tales that we can relate to. They make us feel included, united & that someone else understands us. Our clothes can help tell our story. They mark our history, remind us of special occasions and sometimes cause us to wander what the heck we were thinking (some of those ball dresses from the 80’s have a lot to answer for).

My story began with my mother, Marj. She would go to the pictures, when she was young, and then go home and copy the stunning clothes that the movie stars were wearing. She made all my clothes when I was growing up and taught me to sew when I was quite young. So, inspired, in part, by my mum, (some of whose handmade clothes I still love & wear), I want to create collections for my sassy sisterhood that they will love and treasure, too. I want women to feel fabulous and perhaps even pass on an item or two to their own daughters, so they can tell their mothers story as well as their own.

ANTHOLOGY’s story has been created over time and tells a tale of happiness, sadness, laughter, frustration, triumph & courage, things we have all felt over the course of our lives. This story is relatable and caring, inclusive and individual. From humble beginnings selling pretty skirts in a field, to creating collections of “slow fashion” that will stand the tests of time. Anthea Lawrence Design has come a long way.

ANTHOLOGY is for the woman that dares to be different. Be brave, be bold, tell the world your story and love yourself.