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Vegan nail polish isn’t just for vegans. It’s the very best you can buy. More and more we hear the terms cruelty-free and vegan being used in conjunction with the beauty and cosmetic industry. A large variety of animals are used around the world every day in the testing of millions of products and a quick search of the internet will provide some very confronting pictures and videos of animals who have been subjected to such research and testing. It’s cruel and completely unnecessary.

Many longstanding nail polish brands have used and still do use ingredients like fish scales, oyster shells, bug resin and colours derived from beetles.

Thankfully, in July of 2017 in Australia, a prohibition on any new products that have been tested on animals or which require ingredients which have been tested on animals will become active.

We believe that no animal should ever suffer in the process of manufacturing ingredients, during the production of, or in the testing of cosmetics and/or beauty products. It’s why we never use any animal by-products or testing and we manufacture in Australia where laws require quality practices.

The decision to choose vegan when selecting nail polish and beauty products is a choice of kindness and respect for the animal kingdom as well as a choice for personal reasons.

As an environmentally conscious nail polish supplier, sustainable, cruelty-free practices are our norm.